Joel Schwartz, Composition Reel

Prepared for: Keith Power

Playful and Humour

How should one begin their portfolio? Why not with some good humor?

Intimate and Warm Acoustics

Stripped down moments of authentic connection. Where gentle optimism meets melancholy. 

Emotional and Moving

Moments where the story turns and we feel anxious about what’s next.

Gritty and Tough

For when the soil is underneath your nails.

Mystery and Intrigue

When there is fear and concern, but our character bravely persists.

Joel Schwartz is an ASCAP award-winning composer, producer, and guitarist known for his work on television shows like RIDE, SULLIVAN’S CROSSING, and PARIS PARIS.

His guitar-based scores are distinguished by a unique rootsy sound and the use of live instruments. They enrich narratives with a wide spectrum of emotions—from the poignant and intimate to the compelling and dramatic, and even the light-hearted and comedic.

As a music producer, Joel’s productions have garnered millions of streams and have received awards and nominations from the Junos, Canadian Folk Music Awards, Maple Blues Awards, and Blues and Roots Radio Awards and others.

Joel is a collaborator at heart who prioritizes communication and good humor on creative team based projects. With a unique ability to infuse storytelling into his music, Joel’s scores resonate across a wide range of emotions and leave a lasting impact on listeners.